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CZECH REPUBLIC - CZ  rep_tcheque.png 

  • New rates applicable (Tolls rates valid as of 1 january 2021)
  • Newly-launched toll roads: D48 Rybí - Příbor Východ of 11.53 km & D06 Nové Strašecí - Krušovice of 9.8 km
  • New Axles settings:
    • Vehicles must have the actual number of axles set on the on-board unit, even in the case of 5 or more axles (the number of axles 5+ is then displayed on the OBU simultaneously by diodes 2 and 3)
    • Vehicles in the M2 and M3 category must now set the current number of axles on the on-board unit when driving on toll roads from the beginning of the year.
    • Re-registration of vehicles powered by CNG-BIO fuel and complying with the EURO VI emission standard


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  • Tolls average increase of 0.44% on 01/02/2021

FRANCE - FR / ITALY - IT  france_0.jpg italie.jpg picto_tunnel.png 

SWITZERLAND suisse.jpg 

  • Rate increase for Euro IV and Euro V class vehicles