AS 24 (an affiliate of the TotalEnergies company), the leading European filling station network for heavy vehicles, is joining forces with Russian oil company LUKOIL to enable the use of its fuel card in over 100 service stations in Russia. This will give AS 24 customers secure access to high quality diesel at a competitive price. 

AS 24, Europe’s leading distributor of heavy vehicle fuel, has a network of over 1,000 service stations across 29 European countries and its customers can now refuel in Russia using AS 24 fuel card.




AS 24 card services now available in Russia





Through this partnership, AS 24 is enabling European hauliers with an AS 24 card to refuel with diesel at LUKOIL partner service stations in Russia.

The AS 24 fuel card has an integral EMV chip, ensuring that transactions are safe and secure.

LUKOIL, a producer of high-quality fuel meeting European standards, has been chosen by AS 24 to provide the best possible service to its customers in Russia. LUKOIL supplies international road hauliers with a competitive high-tech refuelling service.



“AS 24 is proud to partner with Lukoil in Russia. This partnership will enable us to strengthen our position as the leading supplier of fuel and mobility services for heavy vehicles in Europe. Deciding factors in our choice of LUKOIL to partner AS 24 were the high quality of the fuel and services available at its service stations and its large network of stations located on the main routes used by our customers”, says Manuel Olivier, CEO of AS 24.