On December 1st 2019, Czech Republic will set up a new electronic toll collection system for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes


Toll charger for Czech Republic tolls is changing on December 2019. All existing On Board Unit devices for Czech Republic tolls will stop operating on 2019 December 1st. Hauliers must register into the new system and ask for new OBU.





AS24 will support its customers at all stages of change


Why the system is changing?

The new system records the position of vehicles using satellite technology to address expansion of the road network and increase in traffic volume in Czech Republic.


What will it change for hauliers?

As the new system receives data via satellite navigation, all the existing electronic device must be changed with a new onboard unit MYTO CZ (see picture) in all vehicles by 2019 December 1st.

The on-board unit is the property of the government and the deposit will be CZK 2,468.

The toll payment will continue as before - either in the prepay or the postpay mode.


How to get MYTOCZ new OBU?

Contact AS24. AS24 will support you at all stages of change.