Since 1st January 2019, few European countries have approved new regulations and toll charges for HGVs.

On February 1,2019, French toll rates are being revised.

Learn more below:


France: an average increase up to +1.8% for all vehicles

From February 1st toll rates on the French motorway network increase by an average of +1.80%.

Set contractually with the French government this increase takes into account inflation, new investments for the ongoing maintenance work and a freeze on some tolls since 2015.

Consult new France's motorway toll rates for each operators:

Vinci network : ASF, Cofiroute, Escota, Arcour  APRR and AREA networks
A'liénor, A65 motorwayAlbea, A150 motorway
Adelac, Liane motorwayATMB, Blanche A40 motorway and Mont Blanc tunnel (*more info below)
Alicorne, A88 motorwayCCIH, Normandie and Tancarville bridges
Alis, A28 motorwaySMTPC, Prado tunnel
Atlandes, A63 motorwaySFTRF, Fréjus tunnel
CEVM, Millau viaducSAPN / SANEF

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*Mont Blanc and Frejus tunnels: new rates

  • Each year, on January 1st, the rates are revised by the French and Italian government. For 2019 an increase of 2.04% is observed. Consult the new rates online.
  • The traffic at the Mont Blanc tunnel is now prohibited for all vehicles over 7.5 tonnes GVWR and with category EURO 3.


de.pngGermany: toll rates increase and new vehicle category        
  • Toll Collect introduces new toll rates and increases by up to +38% the fees for the largest category of vehicles. Consult the new German toll rates.
  • The declaration of the number of axles are now obligatory for all vehicles with a gross weight of over 18 tonnes
  • The declaration of the weight class on the Toll Collect On-Board Unit will be binding and absolutely necessary. The weight classes are now distinguished as follows:

                              ≥ 7,5 tonnes – 11,99 tonnes
                              ≥ 12 tonnes – ≤ 18 tonnes
                              > 18 tonnes with up to 3 axles
                              > 18 tonnes with up to 4 or more axles

Visit Toll Collect website for more info.



Austria: ASFINAG approves new toll charges                                                    

ASFINAG applies an increase of 2 to 4% on the toll rates for 2019 and adds a new category of charges for electric and hydrogen vehicles.
Consult the rates.
**ASFINAG has decided to use the Euro-Class value “Euro 0” to identify these vehicles.


be.pngBelgium : new regulation in Wallonia and Flanders                 
  • Slight increase by 2 to 3% in Wallonia. Consult the new rates.
  • The toll is extended to 3 federal roads in Flanders:
               - A11 from Bruges (N31) to Knokke-Heist (N49),
               - N36 from Roulers (R32) to N35 (Zarren),
               - N722 from N80 (Hasselt) to N718 (St Trond).


bg.pngBulgaria: e-vignette substitute paper vignette sticker                                            

An electronic vignette is introduce for the use of the Bulgarian paid road network. Those e-vignettes are valid till 15 August, 2019 for vehicles with a GVWR over 3.5 tonnes. Effective from 16 August, 2019 a toll charging shall be introduce for those vehicles. All information on the BG Toll website.



Spain: between subsidies and Catalonia new toll rates        

  • To encourage HGVs to travel on highways, the Spanish Ministry for Transport has introduced new subsidies. In return, existing discounts applied to vehicles with weight category 2 (PESADOS 2) are disappearing.
  • In Catalonia a slight increase of 2.2% is observed on the roads.



Hungary: new taxable routes and new classification

  • The toll is extended to some roads on the Hungarian network
  • A strict emission classification is set : only vehicles powered by engines of emission class EURO V or higher will be eligible for category A, which offers the most affordable rates.
    Read more information.


sl.pngSlovakia: new rates and discounts                                             

The toll rates are modified annually by MYTO. On their website consult the new rates and the discounts granted according to the category of vehicles and the number of kilometers traveled


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