The PASSango On-Board-Unit (OBU), which already covers France, Spain, Portugal and the Liefkenshoek Tunnel, is ready to be accepted in Belgium in November 2017 as part of the VIAPASS kilometer charge. The box will also cover Austrian and German tolls and the bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden in 2018!


  • AS 24 will be able to provide customers with the facility to manage toll costs more efficiently by centralising the transactions made in Europe and simplifying the recovery of VAT. This OBU also has a geolocation feature enabling hauliers to keep track of their fleets online. With its new "pay-as-you-go" electronic toll service, AS 24 is offering a price per badge, for the countries you travel to per month.


  • The extension of the PASSango offer to Belgium was made possible by the registration of AS 24 in the European Electronic Tolls Service Provider (EETS) on 25th February 2016. AS 24, within the TOTAL Group, is the first registered European oil player and is one of the few players to be able to claim the acceptance of its interoperable OBU throughout Europe as the national markets open up.


About AS 24

  • Founded in 1988, AS 24, a subsidiary of the Total group, specialises in fuel distribution and services for transport professionals.
  • With a network of more than 800 dedicated truck stations in 28 European countries, and a toll offer covering 18 countries, AS 24 is one of the main players in the mobility of transport professionals.