AS 24 enables you to activate more countries (Belgium, Austria and Germany) on your OBU whenever you want.

Much more than just a simple toll payment tag for HGVs, PASSango makes it easy for you to manage tolls throughout Europe.
Three countries are pre-loaded on your badge (France - including the Lieftkenshoek tunnel in Belgium - Spain and Portugal).
Three-countries can be added individually on demand (Belgium and Austria - including the Øresund and Storebaelt bridges in Sweden and Denmark, respectively - and Germany).

obu_news_tdalc_0.png carteeurope.png

More flexibility

Activate additional countries (Belgium, Austria and Germany) on one OBU or on your entire fleet


More liberty

Activate your selection, whenever you want, directly from your Customer Area, 7 days a week 24 hours a day, (Xnet link)



Your customer service (phone) is at your disposal to introduce you this new feature.

All detailed procedure available on your customer area. 


Tolls, taxes, geolocation, PASSango: one OBU and even more destinations!