Press Release: COVID-19

Dear Customer, dear Partner,

In the current context of a health crisis linked to the Coronavirus, I would like to inform you of the full mobilization of all the  AS 24 employees at your service.

In these times of crisis, your companies, your employees, fulfill a crucial mission for the French and we wish to contribute by ensuring the continuity of our operations which allow your mobility.

To guarantee the safety and health of our employees, we are already carrying out as many telework operations as possible without causing the slightest degradation of our services. We can thus assure you that our service stations are supplied as usual and that our cards or our toll payment systems are functioning normally.

However, the situation is changing rapidly and our organizations, as well as those of the companies we work with, may change in the coming days. You could then encounter disruptions in your exchanges with our teams.

Because our objective is to serve you in the most reactive way, we wanted to remind you of the services and means of information that we make available to you:

- Follow in real time the status of each station on the AS 24 Driver mobile application, downloadable from the usual "stores"

- Manage all of your media (cards, badges, etc.) in your Customer Area ,

- Find all the latest information on our website

In addition, we remind you that our AS 24 Truck Assistance customer service, available at +33 9 708 24 24 7 , can meet your needs:

- Choice 1: incident at AS 24 station,

- Choice 2: toll assistance on your PASSan go toll badge,

- Choice 3: breakdown service, fine and cash advance,

- Choice 4: opposition on your fuel card,

For any request, you can reach your usual commercial contacts or the address We will get back to you as soon as possible.

On behalf of all AS 24 employees, I thank you for your loyalty and your trust.

Manuel Olivier,

President AS 24