Dear customer, 

As you know, the process of the UK's removal from the European Union, the "brexit", will officially come into effect in the coming weeks.

To support you in the best possible way on the roads every day, we would like to remind you that we are in Calais with several fuel stations and parking facilities.

AS 24 stations (Calais) :


Accessible parking (Calais) :

  • Coquelles parking (150 parking space) at Calais Eurotunnel – via PASSango
  • C4T parking  (310 parking space) at Calais Transmarck – via AS 24 and AS 24 Eurotrafic cards
  • Calais Truckstop parking and truckwash (293 parking space) at 847 avenue Henri Ravisse - Marck – via AS 24 and AS 24 Eurotrafic cards


For more practical information we invite you to visit this government website where tutorial videos are available to help you understand the border procedures.

All our teams are at your disposal to answer all your questions.