AS24 supports transport professionals in their mobility and safety by offering a network

of secure HGV parkings accessible with AS 24 Eurotrafic card or PASSango telebadge.

Thanks to the AS 24 Eurotrafic card and the PASSango telebadge, enjoying the benefits of secure HGV parking is quick and easy:

Quick and easy access 24/7. No reservation required, you can access it whenever you want.

One billing, parking fees will be charged and detailed on your AS 24 invoice.

Dedicated and secure spaces. Alarm and video surveillance systems ensure the safety of your driver and his merchandise in the HGV parking.

A range of services: including catering areas, rest rooms and sanitary facilities for drivers.

Below is our list of secure HGV car parking accessible with AS 24AS 24 Eurotrafic or PASSango: