As the market leader in fuel distribution in Europe, AS 24 is constantly developing powerful and relevant tools. The objective? Meet the specific needs of HGV transportation professionals.

AS 24’s CardControl is the ideal tool for fleet managers to set spending limits and manage the activation of their fuel and toll cards being used by their fleet.



Set triggering spending limits with CardControl

With the CardControl solution, you can set spending limits on your AS 24 fuel cards, depending on your drivers’ needs. This ensures a maximum level of security for all the transactions carried out by your fleet in service stations. 

To ensure a better control over your current needs as well as over the evolution of your fuel expenses, CardControl is invaluable!

CardControl: control your expenses with a few clicks

From your Customer Area, you can consult and/or modify your spending limits for:

  • the purchase of fuel in L/calendar day and/or up to 31 running days (up to 3 limits for all products combined: GO, Gasoil, Red Diesel and AdBlue®).
  • periods of use, days or hours of unauthorised refuelling.
  • unauthorised or forbidden countries or stations (maximum 50).

Good to know! You have the option to modify limits and restrictions on your AS 24 fuel cards according to your needs without having to ask request new cards.

Manage the activation of your AS 24 cards with CardControl

With CardControl, you can suspend your cards for an unlimited period from your Customer Area. Once suspended, a card cannot be used in the AS 24 network. You decide whether to reactivate the card whenever you want.

The option to suspend/cancel your AS 24 cards is very useful when:

  • one of your vehicles is immobilised for repair.
  • one of your drivers is stopped for an undetermined period.
  • one of your cards is lost or stolen.
  • you wish to have greater control over your cards.

For the abnormal or unauthorised use of your fuel cards, check out the AS 24 CardAlert solution.