Much more than just a simple toll payment tag for HGVs, PASSango makes it easy for you to manage tolls throughout Europe.
Haulage compagnies prefer PASSango because it gives them access to the maximum discounts given by the various highway operators while offering many adapted services to simplify the management of their fleet of vehicles.


What are the advantages of AS 24‘s PASSango toll badge?

AS 24 always takes you further in your mobility! See the advantages of the PASSango toll tag: 

Get express access through toll plazas

the “Stop&Go” feature provides you with optimal comfort and guaranteed safety for your drivers.

Enjoy the freedom of a single badge you can use across Europe, activated as and when needed, for whichever country you like.

Choose the plan that best fits your needs:

  • PASSango France : For travel on taxed roads across France.
  • PASSango France-Iberic: For travel on taxed roads across France, Spain and Portugal (+ Lieftkenshoek tunnel in Belgium)
  • PASSango Europe: For road travel in 9 countries.
    3 countries are pre-loaded on your badge (France - including the Lieftkenshoek tunnel in Belgium - Spain and Portugal). / 6 countries can be activated on demand (Austria with the Oresund and Storebaelt bridges in Sweden and Denmark, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, and soon Hungary )
  • PASSango EuroPilot : PASSango Europe + GPS tracking 

The remote configuration of your boxes ensures a flexible management of your boxes in the event of a change of vehicle.

Enjoy services with enhanced security

  • Can be cancelled 24/7.
  • Access to secure parkings on major roads.
  • Free replacement of defective boxes.
  • Online orders and renewals 24/7.
  • Access (optional) to the PASSalert service, which tracks usage anomalies (sections, vehicle class error, most expensive route)

Manage your trips with ease

  • Easily track and download your vehicle transactions on highway networks
  • A unique and detailed invoice for all fuel and toll transactions
  • Your Customer Area, lets you monitor all of your vehicles’ transactions 24/7

The PASSango toll tag guarantees you access to discounts from highway companies

  • Get up to 13% in discounts on the amount of your crossings in France.

Enhance your monitoring and take advantage of premium services with the EuroPilot offer

  • GPS tracking of your fleet of vehicles
  • Monitor fuel transactions with GPS tracking
  • Unlimited access to the PASSalert service


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