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Legal notice

1.    Identity 

Company publishing the Website (referred to herein as the “Company”): 
AS 24
Head office: 1 boulevard du Zénith 44800 SAINT-HERBLAIN - France
Company type: Simplified Joint Stock Company
Registered capital: 16.931.200 Euros 
Trade and Companies Register: 347 538 043 R.C.S. NANTES
VAT No: FR 38 347 538 043
E-mail: as24@as24.com
Phone number: + 33 (0)2 40 92 24 24
Publication director: Laurent  POUTS SAINT GERME

Technical design and development of the internet site: 

Simplified Joint Stock Company, registered capital of 814.314,88 euros, whose head office is located at 163 Quai du Dr. Dervaux 92600 Asnières-sur-Seine – France
Listed in the Asnières-sur-Seine Trade and Companies Register under N° 378615363
Phone number: + 33 (0)1 41 40 11 00
Website: www.smile.eu



Simplified joint-stock company with share capital of 812,801 euros, headquartered at 1 rue Royale, Bat D – 227, les Bureaux de la Colline – 92210 St Cloud – France
listed on the Nanterre trade and companies register under number 490 932 308
Telephone: + 33 (0)1 41 16 34 95
Website: www.alterway.fr

The companies within the TotalEnergies company have their own legal existence and independent legal status. The Company publishing this Website belongs to the TotalEnergies company. “TotalEnergies” and “TotalEnergies company” are sometimes used in this Website for convenience where references are generally made to TotalEnergies S.E. (the holding company) and its subsidiaries and affiliates. Likewise, the words “we”, “us” and “our” are used to refer to the Company or any company of the TotalEnergies company in general or to those who work for them. These expressions are also used where no useful purpose is served by identifying the particular company or companies. It cannot be inferred from these expressions that TotalEnergies S.E. or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates are involved in the business and management of any other company of TotalEnergies company.


2.    Information About Activities

This Website presents information concerning certain activities of the Company and the TotalEnergies company. This information is provided as general information without any guarantees that it is fit for any specific purpose. The Company may modify the information contained in this Website at any time and without prior notice. 


3.    Intellectual Property

3.1.    Company Property. All information or documents (text, animated or static images, databases, sounds, photographs, know-how or cited products) stored in the Website as well as all elements created for the Website and its general structure are either the property of the Company or the companies within the TotalEnergies company or are subject to rights to use, duplicate or communicate to the public that have been granted to such. This information, documents and items are subject to laws protecting copyright insofar as they have been made available to the public via this Website. No license or any right other than to view the Website has been granted to any party with regard to intellectual property rights. 
Duplication of Website documents is authorized solely as information for personal and private usage. Any duplication or usage of copies made for other purposes is formally prohibited and subject to prior and formal authorization by the Company. In all cases, authorized duplication of information stored in this Website must cite the source and make adequate references as to proprietary. 

3.2.    Distinguishing Marks. Unless otherwise stipulated, company names, logotypes, products and brands quoted on the Website are the property of the Company or the companies within the TotalEnergies company or are subject to rights to use, duplicate or represent/communicate to the public that have been granted to such. You may not use them without prior written authorization from the Company.

3.3.    Databases. The Company is the controller of databases on the Website and the Company is the owner of any databases made available. You may not extract or reuse a substantial qualitative or quantitative portion of the databases, including for private purpose.

3.4.    Photos and videos credits. Credits given on the site's visuals.

4.    Your Undertakings  

4.1.    Each visitor of the Website poviding information grants the Company all transferable rights concerning said information and authorizes the Company to make use of such. Information provided by visitors which shall be deemed not confidential. However, the information provided is personal data as defined by applicable law, which means we undertake to process said information in accordance with our Personal Data Protection Policy, which applies to this Website.

4.2.     Each visitor of this Website also certifies that he or she complies with these measures and current laws and in particular:
-    Has the ability and means required to access the Website and use it.
-    Has verified that the IT configuration used does not contain any virus and that it is in full working order.
-    Grants the Company and partners where applicable a right to use the information provided (other than data of a personal nature).
-    Must keep confidential and is consequently liable for the use and security of access codes and passwords that the Company may send you to access specific sections. The Company reserves the right to suspend your access to the Website in the event of fraudulent use or attempts at fraudulent use of said access.


5.    Hypertext Links 

5.1.    Activation of links. The Company formally declines any liability as to the content of websites to which it provides links. Said links are offered to users of this Website as a service. Please consult the general terms and conditions and the personal data protection policy for the websites in order to understand their practice. The decision to use links is made solely by the Website users. We may modify or delete a link on this Website at any moment. 

5.2.    Link authorization. If you wish to create a hypertext link to this Website, you must obtain prior written authorization from the Company using the contact details provided at the end of this document. 


6.    Formal Notice 

6.1.    The information (“Information”) available on this www (World Wide Web) server is provided in good faith. This Information is considered correct when it is published on the Website. However, the Company neither represents nor guarantees that the Information is comprehensive or accurate. You bear all the risks arising from your reliance on the Information. The Information is provided on the condition that you or any other person receiving it can determine its interest for a specific purpose before use. Under no circumstances will the Company accept liability for injury arising from reliance on the said Information, its use or use of a product to which it refers. The Information shall not be deemed a recommendation to use information, products, procedures, equipment or formulae contravening a patent, copyright or registered trade mark. The Company declines any explicit or implicit liability in the event that use of the Information contravenes a patent, copyright or registered trade mark. 
The Company and all directly or indirectly owned subsidiaries or affiliates and any company within the TotalEnergies company categorically rejects any interpretation which may assimilate the content of its websites to purchase offers or incitements to acquire shares or other listed or unlisted negotiable securities. No explicit or implicit guarantee is given regarding the commercial nature of the Information provided or its suitability for a given purpose as well as the products to which said Information refers to. Under no circumstances does the Company undertake to update or correct the Information disseminated on the Internet or on its web servers. Similarly, the Company reserves the right to amend or correct the content of its Website at any time without prior notification. 

6.2.   The Company does not guarantee that the Website will operate without interruption or that the servers ensuring access to it operate and/or the third party sites to which hypertext links refer do not contain viruses.


7.    Force majeure

The Company shall not be held liable to the User in the event that the performance of its obligations under these conditions of use is delayed, restricted or rendered impossible due to the occurrence of an event of force majeure.
In particular, the following are considered as cases of force majeure: those usually recognised by French courts and jurisprudence.

8.    Updates of terms and conditions of use of the Website and applicable law

The Company may update these Conditions of Use of the Website at any time. Consequently, you are invited to regularly refer to the latest Conditions of Use in effect. If one or more of the provisions of the General Terms of Use are found to be unenforceable or prohibited by public policy, the remaining unaffected provisions of the General Terms of Use shall continue to apply to the User to the extent permitted by that policy.

These general conditions of use of the Website are subject to applicable laws.


9.    Contact Details

You may direct all questions concerning conditions of use of the Website by e-mail to as24.gb.privacy@as24.com or by post to the following address: 
AS 24 - Département Stratégie Marketing Supply, 1 boulevard du Zénith 44800 SAINT-HERBLAIN - France