For transport professionals, fuel and toll expenses are a crucial element that must be controlled.
Thus, to give you the best protection possible while helping you keep your operating costs as low as possible, AS 24 develops innovative and efficient tools.

Infoservice gives you complete visibility of all your fleet's transactions. This is a valuable help to optimise your accounting! In addition, the Infoservice tool helps you improve your planning and optimise your HGV routes.

A wealth of possibilities open to carriers with AS 24

AS 24‘s Infoservice tool offers to:

review, on D+1, your transactions being invoiced:

- view your fuel transactions before receiving the invoice to closely track your consumption

- use the management tool for drawing up a projected budget.

Download and use your billed transactions:

All your invoices are available in your Customer Area or by e-mail. You can download them in different structures (DSW, DSW+, AUL, AUL 2) and different formats (XLS, ASCII).

use your billing files:

- integrate your data into your applications and asset management software.

- avoid lengthy and repetitive data input by the Accounting, eliminating the risk of errors!

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