A European network
A secure network
Network status

As the European leader in fuel distribution, AS 24 refuels your vehicles and optimises the management of your fleet on a daily basis.

A European network

AS 24 gives you access to more than 1,000 partner stations across Europe so that you can take advantage of:

  • fuel (Diesel, ORD, Gasoil) and AdBlue® at the best market prices.
  • stations that are specifically designed for HGV's in all the countries they cross (wide lanes, high-volume pump nozzles, full double tank facilities, etc.)
  • network on all European roads: payment of tolls and fines, retrieval of data stored in the tachograph, breakdown assistance, easy access to amenities (truckwash, parking, restaurants, etc.)

Amongst transport professionals, AS 24 is recognised for the value of its offer, its wide network, the security of transactions, the competitiveness of its prices and its high level of expertise. AS 24's innovative solutions increase your mobility on European roads and build a lasting relationship with you.

The AS 24 EUROTRAFIC card gives access to a European network of more than 15,000 partner stations.

A secure network

The AS 24 network offers a wide range of services. You are sure to find everything your fleet needs in a fully automated and secure environment.

AS 24 develops all the technology and expertise necessary to ensure a maximum security for all transactions carried out at the service station. AS 24's secure technology gives you:

  • a real time monitoring of your cards with the online network.
  • the real-time monitoring of all transactions with the ability to suspend or cancel your card if an anomaly is detected.

Network status

You have access to all the information your fleet needs:

  • the station guide (a detailed map of each AS 24 station, with its GPS coordinates).
  • AS 24 network news: fuel availability, station opening/closing/Fuel station disruptions.


The AS 24 station network offers products that are dedicated to the world of road transportation

All our stations distribute diesel that is adapted to the constraints of HGVs
Essential to Euro 4 and 5 standards compliance, AdBlue® can be found in more than 2/3 of our stations
TotalEnergies and AS 24 are developing CNG supply points on their networks