Our commitments

Our sustainability commitments

What we are doing to ensure the responsible management of our activities.
"CSR – or corporate social responsibility – are companies that voluntarily (and sometimes for legal reasons) factor social, economic and ethical considerations into their activities".

Our vision

At a time when the energy transition is a priority, AS 24 as a leader and long-term partner of transport professionals is seeking to reinvent HGV mobility by using less carbon-intensive energies and services. These new energies and services will consume less and be more efficient.

Our aim

AS 24 is currently speeding up the transformation and diversification of all its activities. Our overarching aim is to become a major low carbon energy player, working as your low carbon partner to enable more sustainable forms of mobility.

Committed to a more sustainable and united world.

As a well-established leader in HGV transport, AS 24 is supporting road transport professionals with their energy transition. Sustainable development is at the core of our commitment to enhance the well-being of both people and the environment.

Our sustainable development approach.

Through actionable initiatives, we our work directly alongside you, turning the four main pillars of AS 24's CSR policy into our key sustainability aims:

  • Climate and sustainable energy
  • Creating added value
  • Taking care of the environment
  • People's well-being

Our objective

AS 24 is committed to decarbonising the road transport sector.
Together with the rest of society, our aim is to achieve carbon neutrality – or net zero by 2050.
We are working on developing low-carbon energies, such as BioCNG, electricity and hydrogen, helping our clients achieve their own aim of reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

To help bring about an effective energy transition for our activities, we are committing to the following in particular:

  • Hydrogen: launch of a pilot corridor for HGV vehicles between now and 2025.
  • CNG, bioCNG: increase our network threefold by the end of 2024 (an additional 50 stations)
  • BioCNG: achieve a 100% rollout for bioCNG by 2025, and at least 50% by 2023.

Our AS 24 roadmap
To meet our increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly aims, AS 24 is publishing its roadmap for 2025, listing its various commitments for the forthcoming years. What are we seeking to do? Build a better world and a more sustainable future as you continue to take the road.

Find out more about our CSR roadmap by clicking below: