Fleet management

AS 24 is the only European network dedicated to HGVs. Its offers are specifically designed to optimise the management of a vehicle fleet while improving the of users on a daily basis. As a subsidiary of the TotalEnergies company, AS 24 meets the needs of all transport professionals.

Fuel card offers: AS 24 takes care of your refuelling needs throughout Europe.

AS 24 is developing a range of high-performance and innovative services using chip card technology.

For a secure access to the stations, two types of AS 24 cards are available:

Need access to more stations? The AS 24 EUROTRAFIC card is your key to access a network of more than 15,000 partner stations across Europe.

To choose the services that fit all your needs, consult the AS 24 Packs offer

Tolls and taxes offer: AS 24 opens the European roads for you!

Take advantage of AS 24‘s know-how in tolls! AS 24 gives you the best solutions to cross all tolls or to manage European taxes.

PASSango: the essential European toll payment tag badge from AS 24

Once installed on the windscreen, the PASSango toll payment tag badge is detected at the toll station. You can then use networks that accept the PASSango.

  • The PASSango France toll payment badge is valid for the entire French highway network and the Belgian Liefkenshoek tunnel.
  • The PASSango Iberic toll payment badge is valid for the entire French, Spanish, Portuguese highway network and the Belgian Liefkenshoek tunnel.
  • The PASSango Europe toll payment badge is valid for the entire French, Spanish and Portuguese highway network, the entire Belgian network, in Austria, Denmark and Sweden
  • The PASSango EuroPilot toll payment badge is valid for the entire French, Spanish and Portuguese highway network, the entire Belgian network, in Austria, Denmark and Sweden This box allows you to visualise and locate the position of all the vehicles of your fleet using the GPS tracking service, as well as to be warned in the event of an anomaly in the route.

Always go further with the AS 24 EUROTRAFIC card!

For transport professionals, the AS 24 EUROTRAFIC card is the preferred solution.

- It supports your mobility in 18 countries: Germany/Austria/Belgium/Denmark/Spain/France/Italy/Luxembourg/Morocco/Netherlands/Poland/Portugal/Czech Republic/United Kingdom/Slovakia/Slovenia/Sweden/Switzerland..

- The EUROTRAFIC card simplifies your management of foreign taxes.

- A problem on the road? The AS 24 EUROTRAFIC card entitles you to a breakdown assistance and a legal assistance. You are supported quickly, 24/7, in 40 European countries.

AS 24 fleet management offer: control your mobility and receive alerts

To optimise the management of your fleet with ease, try CardAlert and CardControl. These two solutions, accessible from your Customer Area, allow you to modify your spending limits or to be immediately alerted in the event of an anomaly detected within your fleet.

AS 24 service offer: optimise your mobility and increase your comfort

For the comfort of your drivers, the simplified management of your fleet of vehicles or the optimisation of your expenses, a full range of high-performance services is at your disposal. Indeed, AS 24 enables you to:

  • collect your drivers’ tachograph data.
  • recover your VAT and mileage taxes with our partner, EuroVAT.
  • take advantage of our breakdown assistance or our legal assistance for the payment of fines.
  • manage your toll payment tag badges to simplify tolls.
  • get all network news with our mobile apps
  • take advantage of useful services from our partners: truck wash, hotels, restaurants, etc.

All AS 24 services are available online. You can monitor and track your fleet of vehicles in real time 24/7. You can also take advantage of our GPS tracking services with our mobile applications.