AS 24 gives you the advantage of one of the best European networks of technical and legal assistance for all HGVs in more than 45 countries. This service is exclusive to AS 24 with AS24 &  Eurotrafic cards







To ensure your continuous mobility in France and in Europe, protect your HGV fleet!
With AS 24’s TRUCK ASSISTANCE service, in partnership with Service24, the support is simple and fast, 24/7.

With a total network of approximately 40,000 workshops and service providers, your vehicles benefit from assistance in more than 45 countries.

With AS 24‘s or EUROTRAFIC card, you get a complete service for breakdowns:

  • Breakdown service (battery, wrong fuel, headlight, electrical breakdown, etc.),
  • Glass breaking 
  • Loss/ breakage of vehicle/confinemet
  • Towing,
  • Vehicle repatriation, spare parts purchase, vehicle replacement/trailer
  • Tyres, 
  • Load transfer.






This service manages the payment of fines and cash advances.

With this AS 24 service: cash advances (fines, legal bail and lawyer fees) to pay the fine directly on site


If your vehicle is immobilized, you also get a reservation service for:

  • Interpreting service, Your driver has a language assistance if he don’t speak the country language (in any language)
  • A loyer provision,  You get answers to all your legal questions
  • Help by accidents
  • Telemedecine : Telemedicine services are handled through the different service providers from Service 24 network. If the driver needs medical assistance, Service 24 has an own network in Austria and Germany of doctor offices. In other countries, Service 24 is able to forward these cases to the service provider in the specific country to organize a doctor’s address for the driver. Important to say is that Service 24 has no influence on the chois of the doctor or also quality of the telemedicine service our providers offer. 
  • Driver replacement
  • Hotel, a means of transport booking, secure parking reservation 


TOTAL & AS24 have with Service 24 a European wide access to all manufacturers network for truck and trailers as well as one of the top European wide networks for tyre assistance. Furthermore, Service 24 offers also an independent assistance network and partners which has also a separate workshop network. Therefore, we can count about 40.000 service providers in total all over Europe 

AS 24 TRUCK ASSISTANCE : a unique number for your drivers peace of mind !


Your calls are supported by a 24/7 multilingual call center. This number also gives you access to support if your cards or toll tags do not work properly at service stations or if you need support.