AS 24 gives you the advantage of one of the best European networks of technical and legal assistance for all HGVs in more than 40 European countries. The EUROTRAFIC card is an exclusive service from AS 24.

Powerful breakdown service

To ensure your continuous mobility in France and in Europe, protect your HGV fleet! With AS 24’s breakdown assistance service, the support is simple and fast, 24/7. With a network of 22,000 operators, your vehicles are covered in over 40 European countries.

Which situations will activate the assistance?

With AS 24‘s EUROTRAFIC card, you get a complete service for breakdowns (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, etc.), towing or lifting - cranes in the case of vehicle replacements.

Your calls are supported by a 24/7 multilingual call centre: the EUROTRAFIC Assistance platform. This platform coordinates breakdown operations with experts in order to ensure the on-site arrival of the “mobile breakdown workshops” as soon as possible. Your driver is kept informed of the status of the current service at all times.

For you, the cost of the assistance is totally transparent and you are informed of the amount of the assistance beforehand. The assistance only takes place upon your approval. AS 24 is responsible for the quality of its partners’ service.

Fine service and cash advances

This service also manages the payment of fines and cash advances. With this AS 24 service:

  • you avoid the total immobilisation of the vehicle in the event of a fine.
  • your driver has a language assistance and an advance to pay the fine directly onsite.
  • you have an intermediary between the authorities and your driver (in any language).
  • you get answers to all your legal questions.
  • your driver will recover all or part of the sum if the fine is challenged.