AS 24’s network stations are transport professionals sites dedicated to HGVs which have a multitude of services for you.

AS 24 meets the specific requirements of transport companies for truckwashing. You will thus find high-quality truckwash services in many stations. The services your HGVs use are invoiced transparently on the AS 24 card. You can access your invoices from your Customer Area.

What equipment is available in truckwashing stations?

You can put together your own custom-made truckwashing station by choosing from a great number of options. Equipment alternatives fit all HGVs: visual, brush equipment, washing height, etc. The various programs provide, in a short time, brilliant washing results.

AS 24’s advice: regular washing with high-quality cleaning and maintenance programs ensures the maintenance of your fleet’s value. Maintain your fleet regularly!

Find our list of HGV truckwashing stations here.