Specialising in fuel distribution for professionals, AS 24 supports your fleet of vehicles on all European roads 24/7.

AS 24 stations are present throughout Europe

The AS 24 network covers 29 European countries:

  • with over 1,200 AS 24 stations dedicated to HGVs.
  • with over 15,000 partner service stations.

In order to avoid unnecessary travel while providing you with as many services as possible, AS 24 network stations are located in strategic locations:

  • AS 24 stations are close to most highways and to the main logistics platforms in Europe.
  • AS 24 stations are often located close to road centres offering amenities for the comfort of drivers: truckwashes, secure parkings, restaurants, showers, etc.

AS 24 stations are dedicated to HGVs

As the European leader in the fuel distribution for road professionals, AS 24 has designed its service stations for the comfort of its users and to optimise time spent on refuelling. AS 24 stations offer: 

  • wide lanes to facilitate HGV manoeuvres.
  • high-volume pump nozzles (10m3/h) to reduce waiting time during refuelling.
  • full « double tank » facilities for faster refuelling.
  • a fully automated service for a secure transaction with clear and multilingual instructions to facilitate the transaction

AS 24 offers products that are adapted to road professionals:

A reference fuel for HGV fleets. AS 24 offers high-quality products (Diesel, Red Diesel, Low Temperature Diesel) that are perfectly adapted to all the constraints of HGVs and at very competitive prices.
AS 24 has become the first distributor of AdBlue® in Europe, with more than 800 stations. By combining Diesel and AdBlue® fill-ups, AS 24 makes sure that its customers optimise their time spent in the station. 
Compressed natural gas. It is a mixture of light hydrocarbons stored at high pressure. CNG is an alternative fuel that gives HGVs the ability to limit the emission of pollutants while reducing noise pollution. 


With the aim to increase user comfort while providing the best management tools for the HGV fleets, AS 24 is constantly improving its services. All stations are fully automated and open 24/7 in 29 European countries