The management of your HGV fleet is efficient through powerful, easy to use tools that guarantee an optimal security of all transactions.
The AS 24 fuel card provides secure access to more than 1,000 service stations in more than 28 European countries. It is fully customisable and adjustable to your needs. In addition, you maintain control (activation, cancellation, choice of fuel and authorised services, etc.) from your Customer Area or your FLEET MANAGER application.   

Thanks to AS 24, you can optimise the management of your vehicle fleet and control all your expenses!

The single AS 24 card

This card is particularly suitable when you always have the same “vehicle-driver” pair. It is indeed assigned to a vehicle or a driver.

Its use is protected by the entry of a confidential 4-digit PIN and you have, at any time, the option of setting spending ceilings that limit the risks of abuses.

The double AS 24 card

This is the ideal card when your vehicles are used by several drivers. In this case, a first card is systematically assigned to a vehicle, a second to a driver. 

At the station, the transaction requires both cards: the first identifies the vehicle, the second the driver. You can therefore easily identify the driver and the vehicle concerned by each transaction on your invoice. Through your Customer Area, you can see all your consumption details!

List of services accessible with the AS 24 card