AS24 offers to freight forwarders and their subcontractors a tripartite contract providing benefits for both stakeholders, in order to increase business opportunities, to reduce the costs and to improve the quality of their relationship.

CONTRACT24: a new haulage service at the service of freight forwarding companies, their subcontractors and customers



Change the way you are dealing with subcontractors thanks to CONTRACT24 ‘Legal Pack’

With our new AS24 solution, freight forwarders can deliver products all around the world safely and make the subcontractor management easier.

Indeed, CONTRACT24 is a freight forwarding service which allows freight forwarding companies to share the advantages they get thanks to AS24 with their subcontractors.

With this three-party contract, we create a close cooperation between AS24, the companies you work with and your own freight forwarding company, as well as a lasting subcontractor relationship.

The benefits are real, both for the freight forwarder and the subcontractor, and it’s one of the best global freight solutions to increase business without any concern and without risk.



The benefits of CONTRACT24 for freight forwarders  

As a freight forwarder, there are lots of advantages when signing up for our subcontractor contract:

  • You can check online several data about the subcontractor and see when it uses the AS24 card thanks to easy-to-use applications. These apps can be used to set alerts, to change the settings of the card, to check location, to monitor the activity, etc.
  • It’s an efficient way to win the loyalty of your subcontractors, which is essential in a cost reduction strategy and which can be really helpful to provide satisfaction to your customers.
  • You can control the subcontractors’ activity by choosing the features of the AS24 card when it comes to geographical, timing and budget limits.
  • Thanks to the activity of your subcontractors, you can get some rewards, in the form of commissions. This way, you will not only save money thanks to our CONTRACT24, but you will also earn money when working with subcontractors.



Share the AS24 advantages you want with your subcontractors

In order to improve the international freight forwarding service, CONTRACT24 also offers interesting opportunities for the subcontractors:

  • Everything is ready: the subcontractor just needs to pick up the products and to carry them according to the subcontractor agreement.
  • The service includes easy recovering of VAT and taxes, allowing subcontractors to earn net incomes and therefore allowing an easier management of the liquid assets.
  • The subcontractor company gets an access to lots of useful services like the DRIVER application, that provides a list of AS24 stations, locates station, gives real-time details about the traffic, and many more information. Besides, the subcontractor can benefit from the more than 30-year experience of AS24 as well as the wide network of tolls and partner petrol stations in more than 25 countries, and the 24/7 assistance service. This way, it becomes easier and quicker to deliver the freight, which means more business opportunities for everyone.