In order to take advantage of quality fuel at the most competitive prices on the market, professionals favour AS 24 service stations: they are totally designed for them.

Fuel offered in AS 24 service stations


AS 24 is the leading European distributor of Diesel for HGVs thanks to its highly qualitative range of products (Diesel, Red Diesel and Low-temperature Diesel).


AS 24 is the reference solution for the AdBlue® supply of your fleet. You are assured of the benefits of a quality product, rigorously controlled.

Compressed natural gas (CNG)

AS 24 offers a multi-energy solution for all transport operators with a network of TotalEnergies and AS 24 CNG service stations.

Products and installations designed with professionals in mind

With over 1,000 stations and more than 15,000 partner stations, AS 24 is your partner on European roads. You also benefit from many advantages available 24/7.

Accessible anytime

  • AS 24 stations are dedicated to HGVs and open 24/7
  • Stations are located close to strategic locations to avoid travelling unnecessary distances (close to logistics platforms or close to major roads)
  • An à la carte service for more control and security

An infrastructure that is adapted to HGVs' needs


    Services that are close and convenient

    The majority of AS 24 stations are located close to major road centres. These stations have easy access to the facilities they offer: truckwashes, parking, restaurants, telephones, showers, hotels, services, etc.

    • Wide lanes for easier manoeuvring.
    • Multi-product lanes to optimise stops (GO, AdBlue®, Red Diesel, CNG)
    • High-flow nozzle for Diesel (10 m3/hour).
    • Full “double tank” for faster refuelling. How does it work?
      • The 1st AdBlue® pump distribution network in Europe (more than 610 stations equipped with AdBlue®).