AS 24, the leader in fuel distribution for HGVs, has developed a highly secure network.
Everywhere in Europe, every transaction carried out in a service station is done securely. AS 24 has developed innovative solutions to enhance the safety of fleet managers and their drivers. 

Depending on your needs, AS 24 offers you the best way to monitor your entire fleet.

Innovative solutions to secure the management of your fleet

From your free online Customer Area or your FLEET MANAGER application, you control all your active cards on the AS 24 network (single, double or EUROTRAFIC), 24/7. 
On your dashboard, you will find all the features needed to monitor your AS 24 cards: 

  • you can cancel your cards
  • you can set limits
  • you can temporarily suspend your cards
  • you can order and activate new cards

A simple click is enough to activate your modifications everywhere in Europe. You are in control! Discover all the advantages of using the Customer Area by clicking here!