Being that the VAT recovery (and diesel taxes) abroad is within your right, AS 24 and its partner, EUROVAT, offer you their expertise. Administrative procedures are complex. EUROVAT does all the work for you.

Optimise your cash flow thanks to AS 24 and EUROVAT, you recover your VAT and diesel taxes very simply all over Europe.


EUROVAT is a company specialised in tax recovery and is an expert in its field for over 25 years.


How can you recover your VAT?




1) You are AS 24‘s customer.

2) EUROVAT receives your invoices, creates and sends your claims to tax authorities.

3) The tax authorities process the claims and refund the VAT.

4) Once the VAT refunded, EUROVAT passes it on to you.


AS 24 lets you recover your VAT in real time. By signing up for ActiVAT, you are charged the full amount including tax but only pay the amount without tax. Cash savings are considerable!


With OptiVAT, you have the option to get a VAT advance. The offer is subject to conditions. Contact us to find out if you are eligible for this offer.