With the PASSango EuroPilot offer, you have more control over your mobility! Benefit from a premium service accessible to all.


In addition to the advantages of the PASSango Europe offer, PASSango EuroPilot offers many high added value services:

Real time monitoring of your vehicles

Secure fuel transactions

  • Check the toll payment tag badge’s GPS tracking data with that of the AS 24 station
  • Receive alerts

Tracks usage anomalies (France and Spain)

  • Forbidden routes
  • Toll plaza not detected
  • Incorrect vehicle class

Access to a simulator that takes HGV constraints into account

  • HGV-specific maps
  • Simulation based on the characteristics of your vehicles
  • Routes suggested according to the constraints of your vehicles

Visibility Option

The Visibility option of PASSango EuroPilot allows to share the geolocation data (GPS) of the trucks with charterers. The charterer can follow the location of his cargo in real time to optimise his flows.

Depending on the charterer's needs, data sharing can be done:

  • by transferring raw data that will be integrated into the shipper's own system.
  • and/or by sharing the geographical position and status of each vehicle (stopped/low motion/travelling) on a dedicated and secure online platform.

The choice of vehicles and information transmission modes is made autonomously 24/7 by the AS24 Customer on his secure Web Space. The customer is reactive and adapts his sharing as closely as possible to his needs.

More than just data sharing, Visibility is a relationship of trust and transparency between the AS24 customer and his charterer with the common objective of optimised management.