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AS 24, a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of €16,931,200, incorporated under number 347 538 043 RCS Nantes and having its head office address at: 1 Boulevard du Zénith, 44800 SAINT-HERBLAIN – France (VAT number: FR 38 347 538 043) (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), provides its Customers with a dedicated website named the “Customer Area”. The purpose of the Customer Area is to allow Customers to access information pertaining to their Account (hereinafter referred to as “Account”), to consult and manage their Customer Account, devices and additional services so as to best manage their devices and fleet of vehicles.

Legal notice

1.    Identity 

Company publishing the Customer Area:  
AS 24 
E-mail: as24@as24.com
Telephone number: + 33 (0)2 40 92 24 24
Publication director: Vincent COUVELAERE
Technical design and development of the Customer Area:

AS 24
Simplified joint-stock company with capital of €16,931,200, and having its head office address at: 1 Boulevard du Zénith, 44800 SAINT-HERBLAIN – France
Incorporated on the Nantes Trade and Companies Register under number 347 538 043.
Telephone number: +33 (0)2 40 92 24 24

Hosting of the Customer Area: 

This site and the data it contains are hosted in a Datacenter located in France by:



A Simplified joint-stock company with a capital of €1,729,600, having its head office address at:
Zac de la Gesvrine, Rue Newton 44240 LA CHAPELLE SUR ERDRE – France
Incorporated on the Nantes Trade and Companies Register under number 872 803 390.
Telephone number: +33 (0)2 40 37 14 00
Website: www.sigma.fr

The companies within the TotalEnergies company have their own legal existence and independent legal status. AS 24, who created the Customer Area, belongs to TotalEnergies company. “TotalEnergies” and “TotalEnergies company” are often used for practicality and refer to TOTAL S.A. (the holding company) and/or its subsidiaries. Similarly, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” are used to refer to the Company or any company of the TotalEnergies company in general. Simple use of these expressions cannot be led to assume any involvement of TOTALENERGIES S.E., nor any of its subsidiaries, in matters of business or management of any other entity in TotalEnergies company.

2. Purposes of the Customer Area

The Customer Area is intended to be used by Customers (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) who have subscribed to an AS 24 Card Contract with the Company and/or an AS 24 – EUROTRAFIC or HGV PASSango Toll Badge Contract for vehicles (hereinafter referred to as the “Vehicles”). Cards and HGV PASSango Toll Badges are hereinafter referred to as “Devices”.

By logging on to the Customer Area, Customers can access the basic services free of charge and additional service(s) (hereinafter referred to as “Additional Services”) subscribed by the Customer at the time of signature of the Contract, by way of an addendum to the Contract or on the Customer Area pursuant to the general terms and conditions published on the Customer Area.

The functions and/or services available on the Customer Area are as follows:

2.1 – Consultation of information published online by the Company

The Customer Area notably allows Customers to:

- Consult news and product and service offers of the Company;
- Search for service stations in the Company’s network and receive information pertaining to the network status;
- Consult rates, special terms, and conditions, general terms and conditions applicable to products and services sold by the Company, user notices for AS 24 Devices published online by the Company;
- Access reports and download documents.

2.2 – Subscription to Additional Services and trip-related services

The Customer Area notably allows Customers to subscribe to the following:

- additional Services for fleet-management offered by the Company in those countries available (Tak&Drive, CARDalert, CARDControl, PASSalert, eBilling, Infoservice, digital offer, etc.) as well as service packages.
- trip-related services such as parking, wash, tolls, licences, taxes, or other duties taken for any Vehicle using the network.
- technical, legal, and booking assistance services in line with the terms and conditions set forth under the “General Terms and Conditions of AS 24 Truck Assistance Services”: Technical, Legal, and Bookings Assistance” published in the Customer Area.

2.3    – Device Management

The Customer Area allows notably Customers to:

- Consult prices per station and per product,
- Request, renew and replace defective Devices;
- View and set caps for Devices thanks to the Vehicle fleet-management services subscribed by the Customer (setting limits for use, time settings, geographical settings, financial settings (payment cap));
- Receive alerts and follow any anomalies pertaining to use of a Device outside the framework defined by the Customer when setting up the Device;
- Suspend and/or block Devices;
- View and download the list of transactions performed for Vehicles with Devices;
- Send data required for contracting partners of the Company with a view to offering certain trip-related services (such as tolls, licences, taxes, or other duties related to a Vehicle using the network).

2.4    – Billing

Using the Customer Area, Customers can consult and download invoices and/or debit notes for a maximum of 18 (eighteen) months.
Invoices can be downloaded in pdf and electronically-signed pdf format (when subscribing to the eBilling service).
Customers can also consult transactions yet to be invoiced and the billing history for all services in the last year.

2.5    –  “Multipass” Management

A Customer with several Customer Accounts in the Company can request creation of a single access point to the Customer Area, which will allow it to access all Accounts simultaneously.

2.6    – Geolocation Data

This service is accessible from the “Satellite PL Toll Badge” Device and allows Customers to locate their Vehicles geographically, use a route-comparison simulator and report trips via the Customer Area.
This service also allows for geolocated inspection of fuel transactions and unlimited access to the PASSalert service (PASSango EuroPilot offer).
Customers are considered as data controllers of the personal data in the framework of the use of this service and undertake to respect regulations applicable notably in terms of labour law and the General Data Protection Regulations no. 2016/679 (GDPR).

2.7    – Claims Management

The Customer Area allows Customers to manage claims concerning any transaction or trip registered using the PASSango HGV Toll Badge for all tolls throughout France. In the framework of customer data processing activities for claims, French motorway concessions are considered as data controllers.

3. Terms and Conditions of Access

Following signature of an AS 24 Card Contract and/or AS 24-EUROTRAFIC or an HGV PASSango Toll Badge Application access information allowing Users to login to the Customer Area are sent by mail or post.
Users can freely designate additional persons authorised to access the Customer Area by creating user accounts, assigning them specific access rights and deleting their access rights.
The Customer Area via the url www.as24.com. To access the Customer Area, the User needs to have access to an Internet connexion and a standard web browser.
The Customer Area is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The Company is not, however, bound by any obligation of result as to operation and availability of the website.
Consequently, Users expressly recognise that the Company may, at any time, block access to the Customer Area due to any technical or legal restrictions or limitations, without prior notice and at its own discretion.

4. Duration and suspended access

Access to the Customer Area is linked to the validity of a Contract between the User and the Company.
Once a contract is terminated, the User will only have access to certain user functions (in particular, access to invoices for a limited period of time).
Where any person duly authorised by the User leaves the Company, it is the User’s responsibility to withdraw access under its own liability.
The Company hereby reserves the right to suspend User access in the event of any fraudulent or attempted fraudulent use of access.

5. Confidentiality

Users are responsible for the secrecy of their password and for all actions undertaken with their account and password.
Users undertake to comply and ensure compliance and maintain the confidentiality of the login and password that have been granted by the Company.
Users expressly agree that any login to the Customer Area, as well as any transmission of data on and from the Customer Area, is made with the login assigned to the User and will be supposed to have been carried out by the User itself or any person authorised by the latter.
Users undertake to immediately inform the Company if login or password is lost and/or stolen.
Any loss, misappropriation or use of a login, password and the possible consequences are solely the User's responsibility.

6. Use of the Customer Area and data

Data appearing in the Customer Area belongs to the User and the User alone will designate the person(s) who may access these data.
Data is recorded and stored so as to ensure the safety and confidentiality.

7. Data exchange: security, proof and storage   

7.1     Security and proof

To prevent any unauthorized access to the Customer Area and avoid that any information exchanged may be amended, stolen, or deleted, the Company undertakes as follows:

- To use a secure internet connection;
- To implement and maintain the recording and archiving conditions as set out in Article 7.2 “Storage” hereunder which the User confirms to have read. It confirms the accuracy thereof and, in the event of any dispute, accepts to waive contesting the conclusive nature of data stored and archived pursuant to this article.

7.2 Storage

User access to the Customer Area is continuously recorded (date, time date, User IP address, URL accessed,).
These records are kept as long as the User Account is active. Its logical and physical access is restricted to information system administration.

8. Intellectual Property 

8.1. Principle

All information or documents (text, animated or static images, databases, sounds, photographs, expertise, or cited products) stored in the Customer Area as well as all elements created for the Customer Area and its general structure are either the property of the Company or TotalEnergies company or are subject to rights of use, reproduction, and representation granted to the latters.
This information, documents, and items are subject to laws protecting copyright insofar as they have been made available to the public via the Customer Area. No license or any right other than to view the Customer Area has been granted to any party with regard to intellectual property rights.
Any reproduction or use of copies of the Customer Area are expressly prohibited and subject to the prior express authorisation of the Company. In all instances, authorised reproduction of information appearing in the Customer Area should indicate the source and suitable ownership indications.

8.2. Distinctive Signs

Unless otherwise stated, company names, logos, products, and brands quoted on the Customer Area are the property of the Company or TotalEnergies company or are subject to rights of use, reproduction, or representation granted to the latters. They may not be used without the prior written authorisation of the Company.

8.3. Databases 

Any databases provided to Customers are the property of the Company who has the capacity of database controller. You may not extract or re-use a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of the databases, including for private purposes.

8.4. Photo and video credits. Credits given on the site's visuals


9. User Commitments

Each User of the Customer Area providing information grants the Company all transferable rights concerning said information and authorizes the Company to make use of such. If the information provided is personal data as defined by applicable law, they shall be processed in accordance with our Personal data and cookies charter and applicable to the Customer Area.

Each User of the Customer Area certifies compliance with these T&Cs and legislation in force, in particular:

- Has the ability and means required to access and use the Customer Area;
- Has verified that the IT configuration used does not contain any virus and that it is in full working order;
- Grants the Company and partners where applicable a right to use the information provided (other than data of a personal nature).

The Customer’s attention is hereby drawn to the fact that collection and processing of data in whole or in part on the Customer Area is likely to constitute an inspection of employee activities governed by obligations set forth by local regulations concerning labour law.

10. Hypertext Links 

The Company hereby waives any liability as to the content of websites to which it provides links. Said links are offered to Users of the Customer Area. Please consult the general terms of use and conditions and the Personal data and cookies charter for the websites in order to understand their practice. The decision to use links is made solely by Users of the Customer Area. The Company may modify or delete a link on the Customer Area at any time whatsoever.

11. Notices

The information and recommendations available on the Customer Area are provided in good faith (hereinafter referred to as “Information”).
This Information is considered correct at the time of publication on the Customer Area. However, the Company neither represents nor guarantees that the information is comprehensive or accurate. The User bears all risks pertaining to the use of said information.
This information is provided on the condition that the User or any other Authorized Person receiving it can determine its interest for a specific purpose before use. Under no circumstances whatsoever will the Company accept liability for prejudice arising from reliance on the said Information, or use thereof.
The Information shall not be deemed a recommendation to use information, products, procedures, equipment, or formulae infringing a patent, copyright, or registered trademark. The Company declines any explicit or implicit liability in the event that use of the Information infringes a patent, copyright, or registered trademark.

The Company, and any entity in TotalEnergies company categorically rejects any interpretation which would assimilate the content of websites to offers to purchase or incentives to purchase shares or other listed or unlisted securities of TotalEnergies company.
No explicit or implicit guarantee is given regarding the commercial nature of the Information provided or its suitability for a given purpose as well as the products to which said Information refers to.
Under no circumstances does the Company undertake to update or correct the Information published on the Internet or on its web servers. Similarly, the Company reserves the right to amend or correct the content of its Website at any time without prior notice.

12. Liability

The User expressly agrees that the Company will not be held liable for any non-compliant use of the Customer Area which does not comply with the provisions set forth under these T&Cs which the User has accepted unreservedly.

The User is aware and informed of viruses and other forms of malicious code that can circulate on the internet and that may contaminate its workstations, and it is incumbent on the latter to take all appropriate measures to protect itself from these.

Under no circumstances whatsoever may the Company be held liable for any faults or malfunctions arising from the use of the Customer Area regardless of the cause. Notably, the Company waives all liability in the event of interruption of the website, occurrence of bugs or operating defects, as well as any damages, whether direct or indirect, regardless of the causes, origins, nature, or consequences, caused by access to the site by any person whomsoever or the impossibility to access or use the site.

The Company hereby reserves the right to interrupt or temporarily limit the use of the Customer Area for maintenance reasons.

The Company is solely bound by an obligation of means regarding service continuity. Consequently, it does not guarantee that the service continues to operate, without interruption temporarily or permanently, nor suspension or error. Furthermore, any evolution or change in the service may lead to an update and/or temporary unavailability of the Customer Area, which would under no circumstances incur the liability of the Company.

13. Force majeure

The Company will not be held responsible towards the User in such instance as the performance of its obligations as set forth under these T&Cs is delayed, disturbed, or made impossible due to occurrence of any case of force majeure.
Recognised cases of force majeure are notably those usually accepted by established case law and the French courts.

14. Update the terms and conditions of use of the Customer Area and applicable law

The Company reserves the right to make any amendments to these General Terms and Conditions of Use at any time. Consequently, the User must refer on a regular basis to the latest version of the General Terms and Conditions of Use in force. These terms are governed by French law and must be referred exclusively to the French courts holding jurisdictional competence.
If one or more of the provisions of the General Terms of Use are found to be unenforceable or prohibited by public policy, the remaining unaffected provisions of the General Terms of Use shall continue to apply to the User to the extent permitted by that policy.

15. Contact details

You may direct all questions concerning conditions of use of the Customer Area by e-mail to as24@gb.as24.com or by post to the following address: 

AS 24 Fuel Card Ltd - 11-19 Station Road WD17 1AP WATFORD