In compliance with the Real Decreto-ley 20/2022 of 27th December, AS 24 has adopted the new measures effective as of 1st January 2023:

  • The direct bonus of 20 cents in force until 12/31/2022 for Diesel, Diesel B (GNR), AdBlue®, CNG and LNG: it is not extended.
  • There is a new measure effective from 1st January 2023: Diesel bonus of 20 cents per liter in the first quarter of 2023 and 10 cents per liter in the second quarter which is managed as the Professional Diesel fuel refunds.

                                                IMPORTANT: The vehicles of foreign customers must be matriculated in Spain, in addition to presenting a NON-resident Spanish NIF (NIF español de NO RESIDENTE) and be registered for Spanish professional diesel with the tax authorities in order to obtain the bonification

  • Extended for 2023: reduction of VAT on LNG and CNG to 5%.

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