All HGVs and coaches with a minimum gross weight of 3.5 tonnes are subject to the toll tax on motorways and priority roads spanning a total of nearly 2200 km. 

Your AS 24 toll solutions in Austria: how do they work?

View an in-depth outline of the taxable network and download a map of tolled sections from the ASFINAG website.

Rates vary according to four criteria: 

  • Number of kilometers covered

  • Pollution category 

  • Number of axles

  • Day / night period (night time tariff applied from 10 PM to 5 AM)



AS 24 offers three different solutions to meet your needs:

1. If your trucks regularly drive in Austria and many other European countries: 

Fit your trucks out with the PASSango OBU and automatically collect taxes and tolls.

If your trucks are already equipped with PASSango OBUs, but they haven’t yet been configured for Austria, visit your Customer Area to request activation for this country:

  • 24/7, whenever you like, 
  • based on your needs, whether for a single OBU or for an entire vehicle fleet.

Activating the toll area for Austria on the PASSango OBU entitles you to drive in Austria and pay taxes due, as well as over the Storebælt Bridge (Denmark) and the Øresund Bridge (between Denmark and Sweden).

2. If your trucks regularly drive in Austria and Germany: the AS 24 Eurotrafic card entitles you to fit your trucks with the TOLL2GO OBU from the Toll Collect operator. This way, you can drive in both countries with complete peace of mind.  

3. If your trucks only drive occasionally in Austria, pay the tax with a GO-BOX tag thanks to the AS 24 Eurotrafic cards, using a prepay or postpay solution.

All vehicles driving in Austria must have a "Vehicle declaration" document in paper or electronic format. 



The PASSango Europe and EuroPilot OBU


GO Box





The PASSango Europe & EuroPilot OBUs are satellite tags that allow you to automatically collect tolls/taxes with a range of associated services (GPS tracking, 24/7 domain activation, access to secure car park, etc.).

The AS 24 Eurotrafic card is a turnkey solution for paying for fuel, taxes and tolls in Europe.

The GO Box is an electronic device for paying for tolls in Austria.

With the Toll2GO offering, a Toll Collect OBU (Germany) can be used to pay for tolls in Austria.The OBU is provided by the German Toll Collect operator.

Tolls covered

Austria / Belgium / Bulgaria /France / Germany /  Poland / Portugal / Spain /  Liefkenshoek tunnel (Belgium) / Storebælt bridge (Denmark) / Øresund bridge-tunnel (Denmark-Sweden) / soon Hungary 

Germany / Austria / Belgium / Bulgaria / Denmark / Spain / Hungary / Italy / Luxembourg / Netherlands / Poland / Portugal / Czech Republic / Romania / United Kingdom / Slovakia / Slovenia / Sweden / Switzerland 


Austria / Germany


The PASSango OBU is a simple and seamless solution that allows users to automatically collect taxes and tolls in multiple countries thanks to a single unit accredited in these countries. 

With the PASSango OBU, you get: 

  • A quick and easy installation: hook the unit up without having to work with an approved centre;
  • A reassignment of the OBU on another vehicle really quickly (about an hour after you request to do so via your Customer Area); 
  • A budget-friendly fleet management with the EuroPilot subscription (journey tracking and calculation, POI location, cost simulation, etc.); 
  • easier admin management thanks to a single fuel and toll provider.

The PASSango OBU also allows cardholders to access and pay for certain secure car parks in Europe (see the list of all secure HGV car parks accessible with the PASSango).


The AS 24 Eurotrafic card is a turnkey solution for paying for HGV fuel and taxes and tolls in Europe. It also allows cardholders to access and pay for some secure car parks in Europe (see the list of secure HGV car park accessible to AS 24 Eurotrafic cardholders).