Tolls in Bulgaria - A simple AS24 toll offer on the Bulgarian network.
All heavy goods vehicles and coaches, with a GVW of more than 3.5 tonnes, are subject to the toll tax on first-class motorways and roads, i.e. almost 3,100 km of roads


The toll system in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a satellite- based tolling system (GNNS technology) based on a “free-flow” principle without a toll barrier. Vehicles subject to the toll are registered via the National Toll Administration's electronic tracking system. To pay tolls and drive smoothly, each heavy goods vehicle must have an OBU , which transmits vehicle data for pricing remotely and without stops.
Prices vary according to four criteria:

  • The category of taxable route
  • The vehicle weight
  • The pollution category
  • The number of axles


The AS24 solution


Do your trucks drive regularly in Bulgaria and many other European countries?

AS 24 offers you the PASSango satellite and interoperable OBU : Equip your trucks with PASSango OBUs and automatically collect taxes and tolls.

Our objective ? Simplify the passage of carriers in toll stations throughout the European Union, while always guaranteeing access to the maximum discounts of motorway companies.
If your truck is already equipped with a PASSango OBU , but it is not yet configured to drive in Bulgaria, request activation of this country from your Customer Area:

  • whenever you want 24/7,
  • according to your needs on one OBU and on the whole fleet 
  • Do your trucks regularly drive in Bulgaria and many other European countries? 
  • AS 24 offers you the PASSango satellite and interoperable OBU: Equip your trucks with PASSango OBUs and automatically collect taxes and tolls.


OBU PASSango Europe and EuroPilot




PASSango Europe and EuroPilot OBUs are satellite badges allowing you to automatically collect taxes/tolls, with an associated service offer (geolocation, activation of Toll Domain 24/7, access to certain secure car parks, etc.)

Covered tolls

Germany / Austria / Belgium / Bulgaria / Spain / France / Poland / Portugal / Liefkenshoek Tunnel (Belgium) / Storebælt Bridge (Denmark) / Øresund Bridge-Tunnel (Denmark-Sweden) / Soon Hungary




The OBU PASSango is a simple and convenient solution that allows automatic collection of taxes and tolls in several countries thanks to a single device accredited in those countries.
With the PASSango OBU you benefit from:

  • A simple and quick installation of the device: the connection is done without the obligation to go through an approved center
  • a very quick reallocation of the OBU to another vehicle (1 hour after the request on the Customer Area)
  • economic management of the vehicle fleet with the EuroPilot subscription (journey tracking, route calculation, location and personalisation of POIs, etc.)
  • easier administrative management thanks to a single fuel and toll supplier
  • easy and efficient monitoring of your vehicles’ transactions on the network

The OBU PASSango also allows access to and payment at certain secure car parks in Europe ( see the list of secure HGV car parks accessible with the OBU PASSango ).



Do you need equipment for your trucks for tolls in Bulgaria? Contact the AS 24 team who can advise you.