From 1st March 2020, the vehicles with a total technically permissible maximum mass exceeding 3.5t which travel on paid sections in Bulgaria will pay toll, based on travelled distance. It replaces the e-vignette for heavy-freight trucks and buses. The total toll roads length is 3.115 km, including 803 km of motorways and 2.312 km of first-class roads.

Your AS 24 toll solution in Bulgaria: how does it work?

Road vehicles for the carriage of goods or passengers with a total technical permissible maximum mass exceeding 3,5t have to pay tolls. The price per kilometer for heavy goods vehicles and buses is fixed by the gross weight of the vehicle, the number of axles, the emission standard and the class of the road on which the vehicle is driving. The rates can be found on

You can order the OBU via AS 24 using the post-pay process and receive it anywhere you want in the EU.



The OBU (On Board Unit), an automatic system

For those who travel often, the easiest and most comfortable way to pay tolls is to equip the HGV with an On Board Unit. When the vehicle moves, the OBU detects and sends geographic positions in real time, thus automatically detecting entrance, exit and movement of the vehicle on the paid road network. The on-board unit transmits the position data obtained to the TollPass system via mobile connection. You will receive monthly a toll statement from AS 24.


Getting an OBU is very easy:

Contact your AS 24 customer service who will proceed for you to the registration of your company and vehicles.

Once registered, AS 24 customer service will add order or remove OBUs depending on what you need.

Your badges will be shipped to you a few days later.



AS 24 benefits:

  • Make it easier, AS 24 manage for you your registration and your OBUs orders
  • A single supplier for the tolls and fuel in Bulgaria
  • Transaction details are available on the AS 24 customer area







The card that gives you access to tolls and stations network in Europe. It’s also making the payment of foreign taxes easier.