The Czech electronic toll system was installed by Kapsch, who manages it. The toll system is called PREMID, Dálniční poplatek or Myto in Czech. Tolls are a governmental tax on all motorised vehicles with a maximum authorised weight over 3.5 tons. Priority lanes, highways and first class roads are subject to tolls.

Your AS 24 toll solutions in Czech Republic: how do they work?

Applicable toll systems

In Czech Republic, tolls are automatically paid with the On Board Unit (OBU) system, which operates using microwaves, just as the AS 24 PASSango tag does. The law mandates that road users who enter the Czech Republic must have a Pre- or Post-Pay tag.

AS 24 solutions

  • Pre-Pay

In case your trucks only travel occasionally in Czech Republic, you should choose the Pre-Pay mode. Each PREMID is associated with an AS 24 EUROTRAFIC card. Your tag can be credited with an amount between 60 and 580 euros. They are rechargeable in 100 GO points of sale.

  • Post-Pay

For a more regular use, AS 24 offers the Post-Pay tag in order to simplify toll crossing in the Czech Republic. The transaction is delayed, there is no obligation to recharge the PREMID.







The card that gives you access to toll and station networks in Europe. It also facilitates the payment of foreign taxes.


How toll stations work

Gantries are built on the Czech road network. They are used for tolling quipped with antennas that communicate with the PREMID On Board Unit.
Customs checkpoints verify that trucks are equipped with the OBU (On Board Unit). Mobile stations can also be deployed. The driver is legally responsible to make sure the OBU works.
Since there is no toll station where the driver has to stop or slow down, there is no lane to choose.
On the other hand, the driver must make sure that the OBU (On Board Unit) emits a sound signal confirming that its passage has been detected by the gantry.

Good to know

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