On July 1, 2013, the Hungarian government introduced HU-GO, a new toll system for all heavy goods vehicles over 3.5 tons.
Over 6,900 km of roads are subject to these tolls. The toll rate is calculated according to several criteria: the distance traveled, the type of road traveled, the category of the vehicle and its Euroclass.

AS 24 makes your mobility in Europe easier and partners with MOL to simplify your drivers' mobility on Hungary's toll sections.

Your AS 24 toll solutions in Hungary: how does it work?

To travel in Hungary, we offer two prepaid solutions to pay tolls:

For your regular trips:

Your AS 24 Eurotrafic card permits you to purchase and top-up the HU-GO On Board Unit (OBU)

Get your HU-GO OBU in few steps and travel freely throughout the Hungarian taxable network.

Once you have registered on the HU-GO website and provided the vehicle's basic information (registration, vehicle category and Euroclass), you can get the OBU at a MOL partner stations and top-up your account with your AS 24 Eurotrafic card.

For your one-time trips: 

The purchase of a transit ticket at a terminal in any of the 450 MOL partner stations using the AS 24 Eurotrafic card.

The transit ticket is only valid for one specific trip. When purchasing this ticket, drivers must indicate their point of departure and of arrival, as well as provide information about the vehicle.

Check out the list of MOL partner stations.


You already have a HU-GO account?

Top-up your account with the AS 24 Eurotrafic card.


AS 24's solutions


AS 24 Eurotrafic card


Transit ticket



The card that gives you access to toll and station networks in Europe. It also facilitates the payment of foreign taxes.

The HU-GO OBU is an On-Board Unit to pay tolls in Hungary for regular trips.

The transit ticket is buy for a specific trip.


Get through Hungarian tolls easier with AS 24's solutions!

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