In Hungary, vehicles over 3.5t are subject to taxes and tolls on over 7,100km of motorways and main roads. 

Thanks to its European network, AS 24 facilitates your mobility in Hungary by enabling you, to purchase fuel and pay taxes and tolls locally with the AS 24 Eurotrafic Card. 


Find out more about the detailed taxable network and download the map of the sections subject to tolls here.
Toll rates in Hungary vary according to four criteria: 

  • The distance travelled
  • The type of road travelled
  • The category of the vehicle 
  • The emission class of the vehicle



The toll system in Hungary: 

In Hungary, the toll system operates via the HU GO electronic system on a prepaid basis only. 

Thanks to its partnership with HU GO and local service providers, AS 24 offers you two solutions for paying tolls according to your needs: The purchase of a single transit ticket or the deposit of credits on an OBU. 

Please note: If you use an OBU, it is necessary to register beforehand on the HU GO website, and to link the account to the OBU. 


For your regular trips:

To facilitate their regular mobility in the country, heavy goods vehicles must be equipped with an OBU accredited by HU GO. 

The OBU can be credited with the AS 24 Eurotrafic card at the numerous partner charging points (close to the borders and on strategic routes) . The transactions will be debited to the HU GO account associated with the OBU.  If the credit is not sufficient, the customer is liable to fines.



For your one-off trips:

For a one-off trip, payment of tolls in Hungary is made by purchasing a transit ticket within the previous 30 days.
The purchase of a transit ticket is made using the AS 24 Eurotrafic card, at a HU GO terminal in a partner charging point. 

For the creation of the ticket it is necessary to indicate a precise route: point of departure and arrival and provide information on the vehicle concerned. The route is defined and cannot be changed.


Do you already have a HU GO account?

With your AS 24 Eurotrafic card you benefit from a very large network of partner contact points and you buy your route ticket or recharge your OBU very easily!   
Make tolls easier for yourself: you will find all your toll transactions in Hungary on your AS 24 Eurotrafic bills and on your Customer Area

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