AS 24 supports you and makes it easier for you to use Italy’s motorways thanks to the PASSango toll tag. Subscribe to AS 24's Consortium and get the maximum discounts granted by the Italian government and its motorway companies on Italy’s taxable network of more than 6000 km (“autostrada”).


Toll system in Italy

Most Italian motorways are managed by concessionary companies, the most important of which is Autostrade per l'Italia. Italian motorway tolls are mainly managed in a closed system (entry and exit stations). 

Discover the network, traffic and applicable tariffs on the Autostrade per l'Italia website.

Toll rates in Italy are determined by three criteria:

  • Distance travelled in kilometres
  • Vehicle height: Class A under 1.3m (light vehicles) / Class B over 1.3m (HGVs)
  • Number of axles (3, 4, 5 axles and above)

Subscribe to AS 24's Consortium: 

AS 24's Consorzio Mobility & Services Consortium gives you high-quality service and guarantees the best discounts available from the Italian government. Each member of the consortium is granted the maximum possible discounts thanks to the total volume of transactions from members. 


Who can join? 

Any transporter customers headquartered in the EU (including in Switzerland and the United Kingdom) wishing to take advantage of the PASSango Service to drive in Italy. 


How do I join? 

Contact your AS 24 Sales department – they will guide you through the process.



Get up to 13% off the total cost of your transactions on Italian motorways every year, once the administrative file has been submitted. The discount threshold is defined based on the total transactions performed by members of the Consortium.

AS 24 solutions

The PASSango toll tag is used to pay at tolls on the taxable network in Italy*. It authorises drivers to use the special lanes at toll plazas, and automatically opens barriers without vehicles having to stop.

Product The PASSango Europe and EuroPilot OBU
DescriptionThe PASSango Europe & EuroPilot OBU are satellite badges that allow you to automatically collect tolls/taxes and make use of a range of associated services (GPS tracking, 24/7 Toll Domain activation, access to certain secure car parks, etc.).
Countries covered

Countries covered: Germany / Austria / Belgium / Bulgaria / Spain / France / Hungary / Italy / Poland / Portugal, Liefkenshoek Tunnel (Belgium) / Storebaelt Bridge (Denmark) / Oresund Bridge-Tunnel (Denmark-Sweden).

To go through the Mont Blanc and Fréjus tunnels and get the best possible discounts, AS24 can offer you the “Fréjus-Mont Blanc / Trafori Alpini Frejus-Monte Blanco Alpine Tunnel” subscription card.

 * except for Sicily and the A3 motorway (52 km) between Naples and Salerno