Since 2010, Slovakia has implemented an electronic payment system for HGVs and buses over 3.5 tonnes on highways and national roads. This system, called MYTO, is managed by SKYTOLL. It uses GPS technology.
Tolls are for all motorised vehicles with a maximum authorized weight over 3.5 tonnes. The toll network covers approximately 2,400 km of highways, priority lanes and national roads.

Your AS 24 toll solutions in Slovakia: how do they work?

There are 2 ways to go through tolls with AS 24:

  • Pre-Pay

In case your trucks only travel occasionally in Slovakia, you should choose the Pre-Pay mode. Each MYTO toll payment tag badge is then associated with an AS 24 EUROTRAFIC card. In Slovakia, road users can go to a distribution and reloading station with their card and request a MYTO, which is then given to them.
This MYTO toll payment tag badge can be credited with an amount between 50 and 600 euros. It is rechargeable in 100 distribution points, thanks to your AS 24 EUROTRAFIC card.

  • Post-Pay

If your vehicle fleet regularly travels on Slovak roads, the Post-Pay tag simplifies the crossing of tolls. The transaction is delayed: it will appear on your next AS 24 invoice and you have no obligation to reload the MYTO tag.


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The card that gives you access to toll and station networks in Europe. It also facilitates the payment of foreign taxes.