From june 2020, drive across the Øresund Bridge (16kms long, linking Sweden and Denmark) at half price with PASSango OBU.  

From JUNE 2020, subscribe and SAVE MONEY when you cross the Øresund Bridge in Sweden. Get automatically 50% discount on each bridge crossing with PASSango OBU. 


How do I get the discount?

1. contract PASSango Europe or EuroPilot offer to get a PASSango OBU with active ET1 Toll domains (Austria, Storebaelt and Øresund bridges)

2. ask AS24 Back office ( MANDATORY) to registrer your OBUs on the Øresund website. 


I already have a PASSango OBU, How can I do? 

You must ensure to get the active ET1 Toll Domain on your OBUS and ask the back office AS 24 for these OBUs registration. 


How does the discount will be taken into account?

The transaction will automatically be invoiced at half price.