Enjoy the freedom of a single badge you can use across Europe, activated as and when needed, for whichever country you like.

Choose the plan that best fits your needs:

  • PASSango France : For travel on taxed roads across France.
  • PASSango France-Iberic: For travel on taxed roads across France, Spain and Portugal (+ Lieftkenshoek tunnel in Belgium)
  • PASSango Europe: For road travel in six countries.
    Three countries are pre-loaded on your badge (France - including the Lieftkenshoek tunnel in Belgium - Spain and Portugal).
    Three-countries can be added individually on demand (Belgium and Austria - including the Øresund and Storebaelt bridges in Sweden and Denmark, respectively and now Germany*!
  • PASSango Europilot : PASSango Europe + GPS tracking 

*From now on under certain conditions, and soon for all fleets.

Learn more about our Toll offer here.