The toll system is changing In Poland.
On 30th September 2021, the viaTOLL system will be replaced by the E-TOLL system.
AS 24 is supporting its customers and all transport companies in the integration of the new offer in the country

What is the E-TOLL system? 

E-TOLL is the new toll system that opened in Poland in June. It operates under the direct supervision of the Polish Tax Administration. 


Who is the new E-toll system intended for?

It is aimed at all vehicles or combinations of vehicles with a maximum weight of more than 3.5 tonnes and buses with more than 9 seats, regardless of the total authorised weight.


Are there any consequences for the taxable network? 

The Polish taxable network remains unchanged with the new E-TOLL system. 


Is the Viatoll system still operational? 

The ViaTOLL OBUs are operational until 30 September 2021. 
Until this date, there is a transition phase during which the 2 systems operate in parallel. 
After this date, the current Viatoll system will no longer be operational and will no longer allow for the payment of taxes in Poland. E toll will become the only system for tax collection in the country (excluding A2 motorway)


Will the viaTOLL OBUs have to be replaced?

Yes, all viaTOLL OBUs will have to be replaced, as the technology used is changing. The Polish tax collection system is changing from a short-wave system (DSRC) to a satellite system (GNSS). 


How to proceed with the change? 

AS 24 accompanies you in this change and proposes you the E-TOLL offer. 
Please contact your AS 24 Back Office.