The Polish electronic toll system is called Viatoll. Viabox is the name of the tag used to collect the tax. 
Caution! This system does not include all the toll roads in the country. Some highways are still managed by private operators, such as for the A2 between Warsaw and Berlin. The toll then applies to all motorised vehicles with a maximum authorised weight of more than 3.5 tonnes and buses with more than 9 places.

Your AS 24 toll solutions in Poland: how do they work?

Applicable toll systems

In Poland, toll payments (only for Viatoll) are fully automatic with the On Board Unit (OBU) system, which uses microwaves.
The law mandates that road users who enter Poland get a Pre- or Post-Pay tag.

AS 24 solutions

  • Post-Pay 

With the Post-Pay service you benefit from a deferred payment on your next AS 24 invoice.
A2 traffic (Świecko (German border) - Kukuryki (Belarus border)) goes through toll booths that use the EUROTRAFIC card.







The card that gives you access to toll and station networks in Europe. It also facilitates the payment of foreign taxes.


How toll stations work

Gantries are built on the toll road network. They are equipped with antennas that communicate with the Viatoll On Board Unit.

When passing under a toll gantry, a sound signal from the On Board Unit tells the driver that the toll has been registered.

The Polish system is a mix of gantries and toll stations.

Good to know

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