Take advantage of AS24 toll solutions in France. For trucks and light commercial vehicles, with AS24 offer, you can circulate smoothly on the road network while making savings.

The French motorway network is a 9,112 km network of taxable roads, bridges and tunnels. This network is managed by several motorway concessions. AS24 offers you a unique solution to pay your toll anywhere in France, regardless of the motorway company that manages it!


5 classes of vehicles are used to calculate tolls rates. The criteria used to define the classes are as follows:


  • The overall height of the vehicle or trailer truck 
  • The gross vehicle weight (GVW). For trailer trucks, only the GVW of the tractor is taken into account
  • The number of the ground axles of the vehicle or trailer truck 

Check the detailed taxable network and rates on Vinci site  


AS24 solutions  

AS24 offers different solutions according to your needs :


  • Do your trucks regurlarly drive in France and in lots of other European countries ? 

  Equip your trucks with an PASSango OBU and automatically collect taxes and tolls with a single badge combining satellite and DSRC technologies.
With the PASSango EuroPilot offer, benefit from geolocation and data sharing service towards third parties


  • Your trucks exclusively and regularly drive in France: 

The France PASSango offers you a dedicated badge to drive with complete peace of mind on the entire motorway network


  • Do your trucks travel in France and throughout the Iberian Peninsula ?

Pay the various tolls in the 3 countries thanks to a single badge ( France-Iberic PASSango offer.)



Do you have a mixed fleet ? 

Use the Liber t telebadge for your light commercial vehicles on the French motorway network and benefit from a network of more than 400 secure car parks. 
Transactions for HGVs and LCVs are handled by a single contact to facilitate your administrative management. 

AS24 is your single point of contact for all your vehicles.  





PASSango Europe/EuroPilot LIBER t 

Vehicles concerned 

  Class 3 et 4 Class 3 and 4 Class 1 et 2







The card gives you access to toll networks in France (some motorway companies) and to all fuel stations in Europe. It also facilitates the payment of foreign taxes.

The telebadge allows you to pay tolls in 1 country (France) or in 3 countries (France / Spain / Portugal)

A telebadge for 8 countries: Austria / Belgium /Bulgaria/ France /Germany/  Poland/ Portugal/ Spain / soon Hungary 

The PASSango EuroPilot offer allows you to benefit from vehicle geolocation and data sharing service towards third parties.  

The Liber-t telebadge is dedicated to vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of 3.5 tonnes or less. The only vehicle classes concerned are classes 1 and 2.
The Liber t telebadge also gives access to a network of over 400 secure car parks.


How do the Liber t and PASSango badge work?

With these badges you can:

  • Travel on the entire French motorway network including the Millau Viaduct and the Normandy Bridge.
  • Take dedicated lanes marked with a T to facilitate passage through toll stations and save time.
  • Benefit from more than 400 secure parks with Liber t