In Spain, the ASETA (Asociación de Sociedades Españolas Concesionarias de Autopistas, Túneles, Puentes y Vías de Peaje) is the association in charge of dealers for highways, bridges and toll tunnels. 
The toll system in Spain is a “closed system”: there is a gate at the entrance and at the exit.

Your AS 24 toll solutions in Spain: how do they work?

VIA-T is the name of the Spanish tag system. It is completely compatible with AS 24 offers. The PASSango toll payment tag badge allows you to cross tolls in Spain (as in France or Belgium). To subscribe, simply sign the PASSango contract and the tag application form. The Spanish toll stations, have lanes which are reserved for those who have an electronic tag. 

Good news! AS 24 works closely with its European partners: all Spanish dealers have authorised discounts for those who have the PASSango tag. You save money.


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The toll tag for heavy goods vehicles is automatically detected in a large number of countries in Europe: Austria / Belgium / Bulgaria /  France / Germany /  Poland / Portugal /Spain / Liefkenshoek tunnel (Belgium) / Storebælt bridge (Denmark) / Bridge -Øresund tunnel (Denmark-Sweden) /  soon Hungary