The HGV traffic levy (HVF) is a Swiss federal tax. Its amount varies according to several criteria: the TOTAL weight of the vehicle, the emission level of air pollutants and the number of kilometres travelled in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.It is intended for all vehicles and trailers over 3.5 tonnes registered in Switzerland and abroad and using the Swiss public road network.

Your AS 24 toll solutions in Switzerland: how do they work?

Applicable toll systems

The Swiss toll system works differently depending on the vehicle’s licence plate (foreign or Swiss).

  • Foreign licence plates

For vehicles registered abroad, the charge is levied with an ID card at a processing terminal.

  • Swiss licence plates

Vehicles registered in Switzerland must be equipped with an OBU (On Board Unit EMOTACH) installed at authorised mounting stations. The OBU determines the mileage from the tachometer. 


AS 24 solutions

You can use your AS 24 EUROTRAFIC card to pay your Swiss tax.






The card that gives you access to toll and station networks in Europe. It also facilitates the payment of foreign taxes.


How toll stations work

There is no toll station in Switzerland.